As Seen on The View!

To celebrate Whoopi Goldberg's 68th birthday in style, the Dawlcakes joined her for Hot Topics. We were living for the Sister Act and Classic Whoopi looks!

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Whoopi Goldberg loves her Sister Act Dawlcake!

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Who's the Dawlcakes Lady?

Dawlcakes started as a Lawrence Welk-tinged fever dream. Now, founder Joanne Spataro is telling the full story of how she created the Dawlhouse. Learn the origin story, and a little bit more about Joanne too.

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As Seen in East End Taste!

"In the delightful world of creativity and confections, we recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Joanne Spataro, the mastermind behind Dawlcakes." Read the rest of this lovely interview with Vanessa Gordon, editor-in-chief of East End Taste.

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