Joanne Spataro is the founder of Dawlcakes. She brings her signature dollcakes to bake sale pop-ups all around New York City. She has worked with several women-owned businesses including Kismet, Eva Joan, and Pink Chicken. Celebrities have flocked to her baking pop-ups to bring home a “Pinky” dollcake to their children.

Joanne Spataro is an author, writing coach and home baker living in New York City. She’s the author of Preconceptions, a memoir about her queer and trans fertility. Her work has also appeared in The New York Times, Forbes, Vice and The Huffington Post. She’s the founder of Memoirish, a quarterly program that helps new and seasoned writers find their voice through class feedback and writing prompts. Recently, she spoke with New York Times bestselling author Jenny Mollen on her podcast Third Wheel. Joanne’s memoir, Preconceptions, is available on Audible.

The Dawlcakes Origin Story - In Joanne's Words

Dawlcakes began as a stray thought as a tired mom battling mom guilt. Sitting on the floor while my toddler associate enjoyed bath time, I wondered how I could create something she would remember and enjoy when she looked back on her childhood. I started scrolling on my phone, and landed on Etsy. There, I found a vintage set of doll picks -- dolls with Barbie-like hair but no leggies -- and a pan with four small domes. It was the best $44.00 I ever spent.

When the pans arrived, I immediately began styling their hair and baking up different kinds of cakes. Pretty soon, I was creating a Valentine fantasia for my child and her cousin friend, complete with my early versions of doll cakes in marzipan dresses in red and pink, all stepping down a staircase, aka a graduated cake stand. Soon, I was hosting Dawlcakes decorating parties in the West Village, the Hamptons, and was even flown out to San Diego for a bat mitzvah, where I presented 40 Dawlcakes to party-goers.